The Revision Revolution- Revising for Driving Theory with @studyalexx

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Revision Revolution. Today, I’m talking to @studyalexx , a fellow studygrammer who is currently revising for her driving theory test! You can find Alex here on her gorgeous Instagram page – ( )


Me: Hi Alex! What methods normally work best for you when you revise?

Alex: Usually flashcards or note taking! I find those methods much easier as I can condense information down even in note form.

Me: Cool! Have you been using these methods for your theory test?

Alex: I have been mainly using the DVSA apps as well as the books, they’re really helpful!

Me: How soon before your theory test did you start revising?

Alex: About two months before, I was trying to fit it in around my school work so I did an hour every few days and a few weeks before I did an hour every night as well as practice tests.

Me: How are you juggling A-Level work alongside revising for your theory test?

Alex: In my free periods at college, I usually do practice theory tests as they’re quick and easy to do, as I can also do them on my phone. This means that when I get home, I can really focus on school work.

Me: What advice would you give to someone preparing for their theory test alongside A-Levels or other studies?

Alex: Make sure that you spread out the time that you want to spend revising for both things and maybe a few days before the theory test, make sure that you focus on that more unless you have important homework/coursework/exams around the same time!

Me: Thank you so much, and good luck!

Ps- after doing this interview with Alex, she took her driving theory test a few days later and passed first time! Congrats girl x


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