The Revision Revolution- @beans_studies_x talks mental health

Hi everyone! It’s time to introduce February’s Featured Studygrammer in this instalment of The Revision Revolution! It’s…….@beans_studies_x! Bean is in Year 11 and preparing to do her GCSE’s this May. You can follow her gorgeous Instagram here ( ) Today we’re talking mental health, and things you can do to look after yourself when revising. Disclaimer; these are just our personal suggestions, these might not work for everybody!

Alix: Hi Bean! So in general, how do you think student’s mental health is effected during exam season?

Bean: I personally think that due to the pressure that is put on students, our mental health is effected and deteriorates as we are constantly worrying about disappointing someone in one way or another.

Alix: I totally agree with you. Do you think that school’s are doing enough to help students when they struggle with their mental health?

Bean: Definitely not, I think schools are often in the headspace that students say they are stressed as an easy way out, which it clearly isn’t. And I have been told many times that my attendance is more important than my mental health, which just isn’t true.

Alix: I definitely agree, students are too often told that getting into school is more important than their mental health which is outrageous. What do you think schools could do to offer more support to their students?

Bean: Listening would be a great start, as well as not putting so much emphasis on what students should and shouldn’t be achieving. When teachers tell you ‘do your best’ instead of ‘feel your best’, it can have a very large impact, as everyone has their own ideas as to what their personal academic ‘best’ is. I would rather schools try to focus on students feeling the best we can in some of the most difficult years of our lives.

Alix: Finally, what are some tips you would give to students struggling to get themselves to school or to revise? Are there any particular things that you do to help yourself?

Bean: In terms of revision, make it what you want it to be. Do you want to use flashcards? Go ahead! You want to make a thousand mind maps? Do it and reward yourself afterwards! In terms of getting yourself to school, I always remind myself to take it one day at a time. There are moments where I need a day to take a breather and that’s ok. Always remember to breathe. As well as that, there is always someone to talk to.

Alix: Thank you so much, and good luck with your GCSE’s!


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  1. Luna

    Loving this series Alix, it’s such a good idea! Mental health definitely needs to be spoken about more in schools and colleges, so I love this post a lot !! x

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