The Revision Revolution- How @maddiexxstudies Revises for Science

Welcome to the first post of  ‘The Revision Revolution’ – I’m so excited to be sharing it! This is a brand new project founded by moi, and if you don’t know what it is or how it works, click here to read all about it. But just a quick little explanation anyway- ‘The Revision Revolution’ is a new project I’ve launched to help revolutionise the way you revise, with new methods, techniques and ideas. The best part is that each month, a different studygrammer is going to be featured in an interview-style blog post, where they share all of their knowledge! I really hope that you enjoy this, and I hope that this project has a positive impact!

So without further ado, it’s time to introduce the first studygrammer! Drumroll please (I know you’ve seen who it is from the title, but I’m creating suspense nonetheless), it’s @maddiexxstudies! Maddie is a Year 11 student in the UK who is preparing to take her GCSE’s this May, whilst also documenting her revision on her lovely account, which is definitely worth a follow! Follow her Instagram here ( )and her Youtube channel here ( )Today, we’re discussing ways to revise for Science. Disclaimer; these are just our personal suggestions, these might not work for everybody!

Alix: Hi Maddie, and welcome to The Revision Revolution yay! First of all, do you take Triple Science or Combined Science?

Maddie: I do triple and I love it, especially biology!

Alix: Biology was always my favourite too! So what is your go-to revision method for science and why?

Maddie: For science, I like to make notes on every topic, out of the revision guide and make sure I have a basic understanding of the content. I do like to make these look pretty although I do keep the time I spend on them quite short, as the messy notes come later when I practice ‘blurting’! After I’ve made notes, I read through them and then either use the revision guide or notes to make flashcards for each topic. Then I get my parents to test me on them!

Alix: That’s such a great method! What’s your least favourite science and how do you revise for that? Is it harder to revise for that one?

Maddie: I always thought it was chemistry as I used to really struggle, however I feel like its a mix between Chemistry and Physics. I’m better at Chemistry theory than all the equations and I’m not great at the actual Physics equations yet! I revise Chemistry and Physics by writing notes and flashcards but going into GCSE’s, I’m planning to attend Chemistry revision sessions and put more focus on these subjects, especially the maths aspects!

Alix: That sounds great! So with a few months to go, how are you feeling about GCSE’s at the moment?

Maddie: I’m of course feeling nervous and very scared to sit the exams but I also feel confident knowing that by working hard and putting the effort in, I’m giving myself the best chance for success! I think it’s going to be tough but I know I will be ok in the end.

Alix: That’s such a good outlook to have! Do you think you’ll change anything with you revision closer to GCSE’s?

Maddie: Definitely! I think I will finish making my resources and flashcards and move on to active recall and practice papers closer to exam season. I want to start implementing that now by testing myself more using my notes and flashcards.

Alix: Last question, what’s one thing you would say to someone worrying about GCSE’s?

Maddie: We are ALL in this together! There is help out there for you, if you need support, it’s not too late to start and the sooner the better- and any revision you do (as long as it is active and purposeful) will help you in the long run! You’ve got this!


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