‘Leaving Monsters’- short story, 09.05.19

‘Leaving Monsters’

By Alix (All Rights Reserved)

*TRIGGER WARNING: Transphobia*

She sat down in the middle of the road and began to cry. 

A heavy, dry, angry cry. A ‘fed up with everyone cry’. What was once sadness had now been replaced with red hot anger.

She looked down at the doughnut sinking in the puddle in front of her, not a single bite taken out of it. That was about to be the highlight of her day, but instead was just another thing to let her down. The last straw. Replaying the scene in her head only added to the pain- reliving the sound as it hit the water and there was nothing she could do. The muddy water engulfed the dessert that she had so patiently saved, mocking her as sticky mascara stained her sunken cheeks.

Head in hands, a light tap on her shoulder made her jump. She span round to see a chubby face beaming down at her.

“I saw you drop your doughnut just now, and it broke my heart- I know exactly how I’d feel!” The woman chucked, a booming belly-laugh. Tight blonde ringlets bounced up and down as her laugh echoed along the empty road. “So here, have this one.” 

“Are you sure?” She croaked, the sound of her voice simply adding to her wealth of problems. 

“Of course sweetheart, I think it will help.” The woman bent down slightly to hand over a freshly glazed doughnut. Before leaving, she grabbed the girl’s shoulder lightly.

“Obviously I don’t know what you’re going through, but I promise that things will be ok. And if you ever need any doughnuts or any other sweet goodies, just pop on over!” She said, gesturing towards her house. 

Left alone in the middle of the road again, Mia watched her original doughnut shrivel smaller as she began to enjoy her gifted one. Crumbs tumbled down as she ate, landing on what was left of her dress. Taking the last bite, she closed her eyes to savour every individual flavour, and the kindness of a generous stranger. With long deep breaths, her heart rate began to slow, and her head gradually stopped spinning. Maybe things would be ok.

“Micheal Wilfred Jones! Get up from the floor right now!”

Or maybe things wouldn’t be ok.

“Can you hear me? Get up from the floor and take that bloody dress off like I asked you to!”

Turning away from her father’s screeching voice, Mia closed her eyes and tried to steady her fear. ‘My name is Mia. My name is Mia. I am Mia.’ She repeated again and again, whilst her father’s footsteps grew closer. Mia stood up, remained facing in the opposite direction, and started walking. Where to, she didn’t know yet. 

“Micheal Jones don’t you dare walk away from me! Get back here right now or there will be real trouble young man!” He might as well have been shooting Mia. Her armour could no longer take these constant bullets. Holding her head up high, she kept going, and ignored the waterfall of mascara hitting the tarmac in front of her. 

“That’s it!” Her father screamed. And she heard his storming footsteps stop. Tentatively, she turned around.

“If you don’t stop this childish phase right now, then you are never coming back home. I won’t let you influence or ruin my normal children.” He lowered his voice to a calmer level, as if he was actually prepared to listen; Mia knew his games all too well. “If you drop this completely, then maybe I’ll consider letting you back into my home.” 

Mia stared at the monster that faced her. A creature that had crawled straight up from hell, who endeavoured to make his daughters life hell. She examined his face, every hair, every wrinkle, every cell that wanted to kill her. Without saying a word, she backed away. 

The shouting started again, but this time she didn’t wince or wait or expect anything- she just kept walking.

“You are an absolute embarrassment Micheal! You are never ever welcome near our family again!” He bellowed, stamping his feet like a child having a tantrum. “Where on Earth do you think anyone will accept you?!”

Mia finally knew exactly where to go. Leaving monsters, abuse, and pain behind, she strode proudly over to the house of her new friend; the kind-hearted doughnut lady.


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