Working Around College- I’m An Elf!

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is about getting a job, and working around college hours. And it’s also me telling you about having the BEST time of my life working as an elf in a Christmas Grotto. lol.

So, in the summer after my GCSE’s, a lot of my friends started getting jobs and I thought it would be a good idea to at least start making my CV and looking for jobs. I eventually made a CV and looked for temporary/summer temporary jobs in my area. I have to admit, I wasn’t overly successful. The first three jobs I applied to all said no, and this was most likely due to my lack of experience- it’s so annoying that I don’t have any experience in a proper job but I can’t get experience because no one would hire me at the time! Anyway, I persevered and kept applying. Eventually, I was going on holiday with my family so stopped applying because I wouldn’t be able to work whilst I was away.

A few months later, once I’d started college, I started looking again for something I could do at the weekends- ideally a Christmas Temporary job as it would be quite relaxed with hours. I was searching on a website called (which I really recommend when looking for jobs!) and I came across a job working as an elf in a Christmas grotto in my town centre- I couldn’t not apply. I got so excited, but it was ages until I heard back from them so I thought I hadn’t got it, so continued to apply for other jobs. Eventually, they phoned me, gave me a telephone interview and offered me the job! Before I talk about how much fun it is, I want to mention what I told them about my hours. The woman asked when I could work and I gave her hours I could do but only on the weekends- which in total came to 7 hours (3.5 on each day). This may not sound like much, but I really want to keep my week clear, as for me college and school always comes first. As well as that, my college actually recommends not working any more than 10 hours per week which I think is really sensible.

Here’s a bit of my costume!

Anyway, now the fun stuff! I was given my costume to wear which was so cool, and I met all of the other elves on the training day really quickly. The only problem was, was that I was at college on the training day so I went to the last 30 mins and she ran through everything with me in that time- so yes I was full of panic as you can imagine. I started the week after on a Saturday in the middle of November and it was so much fun oh my goodness. I was either at the door, waving at people (and spreading Christmas joy of course!) or in the grotto with Father Christmas! I worked in the afternoons both Saturday and Sunday and it was relatively quiet as it was only November but still so much fun.

As soon as December arrived, however, it was madness! I eventually had to face my fear and conquer the tills (meaning I had to get the customer to pay, print off photos, put the photos in various items like baubles or snow globes etc, all whilst trying not to let the queue get too big!) which I was very proud of! I met some amazing people that are now great friends and working there has been so helpful for the future- I’ve had to deal with working under pressure, a lotttttttttt of stress, and customer service. I’ve seen so many children get so excited and happy by seeing Father Christmas and it actually is really heart-warming.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little bit of advice and my story, and have an amazing Christmas!

-A x

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