Eliminating Revision Distractions

Hi everyone! Todays post is all about making the most out of your revision, and making it as effective as possible. How many times have you said that you were revising but actually spent it doing something else, like tidying your room or watching a film? Everyone has done it. Here are a few tips I’ve come up with to help you effectively revise and reduce distractions!

1. Hide your phone!

When I’m revising, I try not to touch my phone because I know I’ll get distracted with Instagram or Snapchat and I won’t do as much revision as I’d like to. A tip to remove your phone is place it across the room or in a box so you can’t reach for it. If you’re still tempted, I would suggest turning it completely off and placing it in a different room or giving it to a family member whilst you revise.

2. Remove headphones

This one might not work for everyone, but music can be a massive distraction when you revise. Your mind isn’t fully focused on the revision as you might subconsciously be singing along or enjoying the music. For this, I recommend not listening to music at all (which is probably more beneficial) but if you have to, listen to relaxing classical music with no lyrics.

3. Talk to your family

If you have a younger sibling, it might be good to tell them beforehand that you are about to revise (and tell them when you’re stopping). This is helpful because they are aware of what you’re doing and are less likely to come into your revision space and distract you. Do the same thing with your parents just in case they ask for help with a job or want you to do something- this way they know you’re doing important work.

There are definitely more tips I could share with you but I’ll save that for a different blog post! Have a fabulous day everyone!

-A x

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