Christmas Revision Tips

Hi everyone! With the Christmas holidays quickly approaching (yay!), I thought I’d share some tips with you on how to revise and get revision done over the holidays when you least want to. Enjoy!

1. Get it done early (you’ll thank yourself so much)

Don’t let it get to the day before you go back and then start your homework- please, just don’t, it’s not fun. I know I’ve probably said this before but it’s one of the best tips I can give you! If you go to college (or go to a school with free periods), use these to get Christmas homework done before you’ve even broken up; then you can have the best feeling of going into the holidays with no outstanding homework to do! If you don’t have that opportunity, just get your homework done in the first few days of the holiday so you can relax and put that out of your head. That being said, if you want to revise and keep up with your subject so you don’t forget everything, here are some tips:

2. Use apps

Using apps or websites is a really easy and fun way to keep up with your subject. Revise flashcards, test yourself, so some background reading, make your own resources, do whatever works best for you. The plus of this method is that you can do this on the go too- no excuses by saying ‘I left my books at school’ or something similar to that! And, if you go away over Christmas, you can revise in the car or wherever you are. Some apps and websites I recommend for revision include Quizlet (link in my Instagram bio if you want to use some of my sets!), Memrise, Duolingo, Tinycards, and I hear that Seneca is good but I’m yet to try that! If you suggest any apps or websites, leave them in the comments.

3. Make it fun!

This obviously won’t work for everyone, but something I do to do some lighthearted revision (but revision nonetheless), is to get a family to test me on some flashcards in a fun way! You could get them to act as a gameshow host, or have a prize if you get a certain amount of questions correct, or you could even compete against another family member that knows the topic!

4. Enjoy the holidays and the break

As much as you may want to be productive and get lots of work done, make sure you have a break! Spend some time with your family, eat lots of food, do things that you enjoy, and remember that you’re having a break from school. Enjoy Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and enjoy the break.

Thanks so much for reading, have a lovely break from school or college and leave a comment telling me something fun you’re going to do over the Christmas holiday!

-A x

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