Christmas Related Vocab

Hey everyone, this post is a little different today, as I thought I’d share with you some Christmas French vocabulary I’ve learnt recently. Enjoy! The words in bold are words I learnt in the past few weeks, and others are other words I knew.

Un sapin de noël – Christmas tree

Bonhomme en pain d’épice – Gingerbread man

Bonhomme de neige – Snowman

Cadeau – Present/gift

Père Noël – Father Christmas

Crèche – Nativity scene

Traîneau – Sleigh

Ange – Angel

Renne – Reindeer

Bûche de Noël – Yule log

Dinde – Turkey 

Cheminée – Fireplace

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then have a great day nonetheless! Sending positive vibes and love your way, comment something Christmassy in your language down below!

-A x


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