All Hail Quizlet

Quick note before I start this- this isn’t sponsored by Quizlet although I wish it was 🙂

Today’s post is all about Quizlet, and how I have converted to using it almost daily for revision. I had heard of quizlet a long time ago, never tried it, but I didn’t really like the idea of loads of text on the back of a digital flashcard. I don’t know why, but it just didn’t appeal to me. And because I hadn’t tried using it, I didn’t know if there was a word limit to each flashcard or really how it worked at all.

Fast forward to my first week of A-level French. We were all told that we would have a vocal test every Friday, all year round, and there were 20 words on each test. A little bit of panic set in- I had just started college, wasn’t overly sure how to manage my workload and I had to learn a different vocabulary list every week?!

Later that week (honestly this sounds like a dramatic film apologies), I was sat in the library with a girl from my French and we were chatting about the vocab tests and how to revise for them. She said in a breezy manner, “Oh I’ve already started making some Quizlet sets, I’ve nearly made them all the way up until Christmas.” I just stared at her in disbelief. I started hounding her with questions about this magical Quizlet and even got her to help me set up an account. I went home and started making my first ever Quizlet set- what a moment.

I started with the first vocab list which had around 30 words on it (so we didn’t know which 20 we would be tested on) and I made one side of the flashcard the English, and the other side was the French. It was vital that I remembered and could spell these words in both languages, as in the test, 10 words are in English to translate to French, and the other 10 are French to English.

I then used the ‘learn’ feature to help me learn the words and it combines a mixture of writing, multiple choice, and flashcard questions. And in all honestly, it was amazing! I could really feel myself making progress and it really helped me to get consistently high scores in vocab tests- I’ve now made quizlets for all of the vocab tests until Christmas!

So yes, I think it’s fair to say I’ve definitely been converted to using Quizlet! Comment and let me know if you use Quizlet or if you use something else to revise- let me know!

-A x

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