About Me

Hello! My name is Alix and welcome to my blog! I’m a writer, athlete, bookworm and teenager on her way to college. On this blog, you’ll find me writing about a variety of my interests such as French and revision- featuring pictures of pretty stationary! I’m really enjoying blogging and one day I want to be an author.

French: I’ve been learning French from a young age, took it for GCSE’s and am planning to take it at college this year. Writing blog posts in French will help me practice and keep up with it throughout the summer holidays and its something that I really enjoy doing. I also include a translation at the end of each post too so that you can still read the post even if you can’t read French!

Revision: As well as my hobbies and aspirations, I’m still a teenager with school and revision to deal with. My revision posts have two categories (general and subject revision) full of tips, tricks and honest posts about revision that I really hope help anyone with exams.

College: I am currently in my first year of college in the UK and sharing my experience !

So I hope you know a little more about me now and I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to comment any suggestions and follow me on Instagram (@alixstudies).

-A x